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This 2-hr seminar will provide an overview of what is involved in being a photography assistant. We will discuss the responsibilities of the job, the other professionals involved in a pro shoot, and the camera and lighting equipment every photo assistant must know. You'll be provided with insider information from professional photographers working today. This seminar will let you know what you need to know and do in order to become a photography assistant. Bring your camera with fresh batteries, and it's manuals if at hand.

Requirements: Basic knowledge of aperture & shutter-speed are highly recommended.

  • Seminar Studio Assisting: Mar 29-. Saturday 1:00 PM-3:00 PM


    51 West 14th St
    New York , NY

    Sun, November 4th, 2012

    1:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST

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Photo Manhattan

Photography School

  PhotoManhattan was established in 2003 in New York as a way of offering an affordable means of entry and advance into the world of art and photography. We are committed to the idea of photography as an accessible means of personal expression and artistic documentation. And considering the upfront costs inherent in photography (the purchase of equipment), there's no reason why essential instruction should be beyond the reach of those interested.  To that effect, PhotoManhattan offers introductory and advanced photographic instruction to the public at rates that are only a fraction of those of larger institutes and schools in the area, as well as affordable rentals of darkroom and studio space and lights. Instruction in basic topics emphasises critical technique and control of the camera. You can worry about philosophizing on whether a picture reflects "beauty" or not another time. First things first. To those more advanced, PhotoManhattan has challenging courses in Studio Lighting and Street Photography that will make even experienced amateurs stop and think about exactly what they are trying to do when they hit the shutter. In addition, we host group events, exhibitions and lead group expeditions into different neighborhoods of New York City and beyond. A wide range of people have taken classes here, and participated in group events, from professionals, to those seeking to become professionals, to those who are looking for a means of moving beyond the 8-6 routine that otherwise traps so many of us.We invite anyone interested in either taking classes, renting space, or becoming involved in PhotoManhattan's group activities, to contact us by phone, by email, or by passing by the studio. Now go out there and shoot.

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51 West 14th St

New York , NY

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