Self-Portraiture For Non-Narcissists (But Narcissists Welcome)

, Photographer

If you are:

  • Uncomfortable in front of the camera
  • Interested in self-portraiture but not sure where to begin
  • Dabbling in self-portraiture and wondering where to take it next
  • or even
  • If you think self-portraiture is sort of dumb pursuit but secretly you'd like to be able to take a good photo of yourself now and again

This class is really for you. 

My class on self-portraiture is an hour and a half long. I can't teach you to love your nose or your butt. What I can do is give you the mojo to start taking photos of yourself that, over time, will help you develop confidence in front of your own camera, explore aspects of yourself as a photographer you may not have known you wanted to explore, and maybe even use yourself as a model in crazy and unexpected ways for long term projects. You! A model! I know, right?

This class will be a mix of discussion and hands-on photography. I'll talk to you a little about how I started doing self-portraiture and what it means to me. We'll talk a little about why you don't like photos of yourselves, or why you think self-portraiture is a terrible idea. And then we'll spend a little time setting our self-timers and seeing what sorts of shots we get. Yep, in front of each other.

Prior to this class, students: 
  • Should have a camera with a timer and/or remote. They should know how to use the camera and the timer/remote, at least the basics. We will not cover various camera how-tos in the class, but we'll help each other if anyone gets stuck.
  • The camera should preferably be digital or instant (Polaroid/Impossible) but if you'd like to work with film, please do.
  • Do not need to be experts. At photography. Or even at themselves.
  • Self-Portraiture For Non-Narcissists (But Narcissists Welcome)


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Leah Reich


Leah Reich is a writer and photographer living in California, best known for her polaroid self-portraits and double exposures.

View her polaroid work here

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