Say Hello to My Little Friend: Adobe Lightroom

, Make that Hustle.

  1. Understand the fundamentals to post processing photos
  2. Learn the fundamentals of white balancing, brightness/contrast, levels
  3. Discover resources for organizing workflow, social media sharing.

Maybe you like to use iPhoto to dump those party photos onto your laptop, maybe you like to use it because its free and there. Well welcome to Adobe Lightroom the "professionals" best friend for photo-editing and organizing.

In this class I will teach you the basics of how and why to use Adobe Lightroom to leverage better looking and higher quality photos. No experience is necessary


Please bring a laptop equipped with an installation of Adobe Lightroom. (Trial version is free and can be found here.


This class is for the aspiring semi-serious photographer whether its to get your groove on at late night parties or its to take photos for formal events Adobe Lightroom is a stepping stone into the world of professional photography software. It isn't a catch-all for everyone so if you're interested in Aperture 3, Adobe Bridge, and other software pertaining to Photography leave me a line and we can get a class going! BOO-YA!


Digital Camera Some Digital Pictures uploaded on your laptop. Pizza is Included!
  • Say Hello to My Little Friend: Adobe Lightroom


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Johnny Wu

Make that Hustle.

Johnny Wu attends Tufts in the processing of attaining a bachelors in International Relation and Communications Media and is now the Intern and aspiring Ping Pong Player  for Wistia, an online video hosting media startup in Davis Sq.

He has done extensive freelance and project based production photography and event photography projects as well as pursued long-term documentary projects on Native Americans in South Dakota and Somerville Firefighters.

He has previously worked as an aspiring art photographer winning a Silver Key Award for his work in portraiture.

In his spare time Johnny is avid adventure junky rock climbing, backacking, kayaking, and barefoot slogging through the backcountry of the Northeast.

Follow Johnny Wu on Twitter @jonathanpeterwu

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