Polaroid Double Exposures: How The Magic Happens

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Not gonna lie to you: A double exposure Polaroid or instant image is a little bit of magic. It's like discovering there are ghosts in your camera - or even better, like discovering you can be a ghost inside your camera, and create images you never imagined possible. Your friends will look at them and spit-take: "You did that in Photoshop". No way, baby! All in the camera. Magic.
Prior to this class, students should have:
  1. A Spectra Polaroid camera OR a Minolta Instant Pro camera. You can also use a Land Camera if you have one that has a self-timer (not many do). 
  2. Film. Chances are you do not have Polaroid film, but I highly recommend you get some Impossible Project Film! You can purchase it here: http://www.the-impossible-project.com/ourfilm/
  3. A desire to take some crazy cool images. Maybe even of yourself.
If you are a student who wants to take this class very desperately and DOES NOT have a camera, please contact me. I have two limited spots - extra cameras to lend for the duration of the class to students.
In this class we will cover how to create a double exposure image with your Polaroid Spectra camera and film of choice (noting that double exposures are never a guarantee. Not even for the teacher gets what she intended some of the time! Some films are trickier than others too. So we don't guarantee a *good* image!). 
After this class, you will be able to create double exposure images with your Spectra camera. You will take away the ability to create photos that a) will wow your friends and b) will give you new ideas about where to take your photography and artwork.
  • Polaroid Double Exposures: How The Magic Happens


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Leah Reich


Leah Reich is a writer and photographer living in California, best known for her polaroid self-portraits and double exposures.

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