Photoshop: The Basics – Don't work for photoshop. Have it work for you.

, UX Visual Interaction Designer

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“I had a great lesson with Jay. His lesson precise and informative, and he answered all my questions (I had many!) informatively. He also had a LOT of handy tips for getting the most out of Photoshop.” - Jessica McVea attended Photoshop: The Basics

“Jay was really patient and was able to answer all of our questions. He was very knowledgeable about photoshop and computer skills in general. I learned a lot and would recommend his class to others. - Jenna Fiorini attended Photoshop: The Basics

“Very helpful teacher! I ended up having a one on one lesson with him. His class is a great way to get started if you know next-to-nothing about Photoshop. ” - Jessa Clark attended Photoshop: The Basics

Wouldn't be great if making things happen in Photoshop were effortless and easy? It turns out, once you know the basics… you really can make things happen and create the images you want. In this quick workshop you'll learn how to properly setup your workspace to your liking. Make adjustments to your panels to navigate the interface more easily. Learn more about your Layers list and panels. How to start a project and get an overview of the different file types. Other things we will touch on are adjusting image size and resolution; vector vs rasterized text; minimal retouching; preparing files for handoff. Learn ways on how you could speed things up while working with others.

We'll dive into the following –

Setting up your workspace to your liking:
– Moving your panels to navigate the interface and why you should.
– Learning more about your Layers list and panels.

Additional thingswe will touch on are:
– Adjusting image size and resolution
– See the difference between Vector and rasterized text.
– Brief Retouching and small tweaks that could make photos and images better.  

Final 15 mins for additional questions and feedback. Write your comments and questions below you want to explore in this class.

Walking out of this class you'll be able to:

- Start laying out a website or mobile app

- Learn some of the basics of digital compositing

- Organize a file that someone else can understand

Requirements for the class: 

You should bring notebook + pen and your own laptop with a copy of Photoshop installed. A trial version can be downloaded here:


Jay Ramirez

UX Visual Interaction Designer

Working graphic designer with over 6 years of experience using Photoshop.

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