Photography for beginners- A crash course in your DSLR

, Photographer, & Lecturer @ Texas State University

So you have a shiny new (or not so new) DSLR camera, and you love it! But, there's one small problem- you can't seem to get away from that little green button that says "Auto," and your pictures just aren't everything you want them to be.  Maybe they're dark, or blurry, and you're just fed up. 

I will work with you one-on-one, as well as in a group, to show you how to wrangle all the technical jargon and knowledge into submission, and we will do some hands on shooting and review of your images in class to make sure you have a handle on things. You will leave the class confident and self-assured in your newly found photo-skills, and ready to move on to more advanced techniques.

We can discuss any and all questions and types of photography- from photographing kids and grandkids, product photography for your online or brick and mortar business, portraits, landscapes, pets, music and event photography, and whatever else you might like to know!

We will also discuss things like exposure and focus, so that your pictures come out clear, and slightly more advanced topics such as aperture and shutter speed, to take your photos to the next level. We will also explore basic compositional techniques to make your photos more visually interesting.

I am interested in doing more advanced workshops, and perhaps some more specific workshops as well, please feel free to send me a message if there is anything else photographic you would like to learn about!

No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.
  • Photography for beginners- A crash course in your DSLR

    Space 12

    3121 E 12th St
    Austin, TX

    We will cover the basics of manual DSLR photography, to move you beyond the Auto button, and onto creating beautiful images and mastering your cameras controls.

    We can focus on whatever areas you are most interested in- portraits, still life, children, etc. 

    I will give an overview of each section, and then we will move on to hands-on shooting, so don't forget your camera!

    We will learn about the following topics, depending on what people are interested in focusing on:

    • Exposure
    • Focus
    • Aperture/Depth of Field
    • Shutter Speed and motion
    • White Balance
    • ISO
    • Composition tips and tricks
    Wed, September 26th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm CDT

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Laura Turner

Photographer, & Lecturer @ Texas State University
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Space 12

3121 E 12th St

Austin, TX

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