Photography: Studio Lighting from your Home

, Owner/Photographer, Shana Schnur Photography, LLC

Hands-on class about how to control and combine light in your home. We will work with professional lighting equiptment.  You will learn the fundamentals of working from your home and making it a successful photo studio, and making your small space work.  Must bring own SLR camera.

  • Photography: Studio Lighting


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    ¨     Setting up your studio at home. 

    • What you will need. – Tools & Tips
    • Working in a small space.
    • Learn how to use your equipment
    • Various lighting setups using one strobe and different light modifiers

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Shana Schnur

Owner/Photographer, Shana Schnur Photography, LLC

Shana Schnur: Since 2006, Shana has established her freelance photography business while honing her skills at the New York School of Visual Arts. Now, entering her 6th year in the photograph business, Shana brings a fresh approach to the fashion and portrait industry with a unique expression of photographic flair. Born and raised in New York, Shana was taught photography at a very young age by her grandfather, an established photographer since the late 1930's. Shana relies on traditional photographic and artistic technique while blending this talent with a multi-faceted approach that emphasizes passion in a way that can transcend the singular dimension of a lens.

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