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By simply adjusting the shutter speed on your camera to speeds of longer than one second, you'll start to delve into the world of long exposures photography. In this class, JP will take you into Central Park just as the sun is setting. Because your camera will be picking up light that isn't even detectable to the human eye, you're sure to be surprised and delighted with the resulting images.

Each student is encouraged to bring flashlights with them since the last half hour of the class will be dedicated to light painting where we, as a group, will experiment with using each image as a canvas that we can "paint" on with our individual light sources.

This class is best enjoyed with point-and-shoots and SLRs that allow you to manually set your aperture and shutter speed. If you're not sure if your camera has this functionality, email JP with your camera brand and model number and he'll let you know. Also, having a tripod is highly recommended. (Contact JP to find out how to rent a tripod for $25.)

  • Nighttime & Long Exposures Photography

    Central Park or Madison Square Park

    New York, NY

    Fri, July 20th, 2012

    8:30 pm - 10:30 pm EDT

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J.P. Pullos

JP Teaches Photo

JP Pullos has been a professional photographer for six years. In that time, his images have been published by The New York Times, GQ, New York Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, The New York Observer, The Village Voice and Time Out New York.

He teaches photography classes in New York City and has taught over 3,000 people how to use their cameras. His Central Park photography class was chosen by NY Magazine as one of the top ten things to do over Memorial Day weekend.

In addition to being really knowledgable about photography, JP can also teach classes on how to make a mango guacamole that will blow your socks off. When he's not teaching, you might find JP playing Shanghai rum with his grandparents and, despite what they'll tell you, he doesn't cheat.

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