Learn the Basics of Street Art Photography

, Artist & Teacher!

Explore and discover San Francisco's ever-changing street art through this guided walking tour. We'll look at everything from small drawings and objects to large murals and installations. Each route is chosen to expose locals and visitors alike to San Francisco's unique and exciting public art.

Walks focus on observation and provide instruction on improving compositon skills, lighting, perspective, symmetry, lines, contrast, and balance. Casual technical instruction is given, but the tour is not an intense photo workshop. All ages and skill levels are encouraged to join!

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Imagine a modern city where every resident is a tagger. Every available surface is tagged with different words and symbols. Every block has its own temporary literary experience that requires discovery and translation. That city exists, and it’s Penelope Popsicle’s San Francisco.

Following her...blog for some months has changed how I look at the city...most of the documentation focuses on the big, bold pieces, the statements, poster-sized or larger, often much larger...

The best of [her] photos find the tags that are small, hiding, they aren’t shouting to be seen. This underworld of words feels more absurd, without purpose and original.

Wayne Bremser

A camera - it can be digital, cell phone, disposable, film, etc.
  • MISSION DISTRICT: Condoned and Condemned


    2169 Mission St
    San Francisco, CA

    The Mission is known for its murals by local artists. But there are many other pieces that are not sanctioned by the city or property owners. The two are often indistinguishable. Join this tour to see 'art' and 'graffiti' side-by-side.

    Sun, October 14th, 2012

    1:00 pm - 3:00 pm PDT

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Julie Crossman

Artist & Teacher!

Julie Crossman is a performer and arts-teacher based in San Francisco, CA.

Currently, she can be found hosting the live, late-night talk show Oakland Nights...Live!; running a vintage magazine subscription; and photographing San Francisco street art for PenelopePopsicle.com. Julie also leads annual workshops at the San Francisco Zine Fest, the Bay Area Maker Faire, and the East Bay Mini-Maker Faire.

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2169 Mission St

San Francisco, CA

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