Instant Photography for Beginners

, Front End Engineer at Flickr

Found an old Polaroid camera at a garage sale for $2? I can show you how to use it or possibly fix it up if necessary. Instant film has made a resurgence recently due to both the fun, instant nature of the film and the trendy, off-color nature of the photographs produced. Whether Polaroid or FujiFilm I can show you how to operate and setup your instant camera, along with tips and tricks to produce well exposed and interesting photographs. We will also cover The Impossible Project’s various Polaroid film offerings and how to use them.

I will have a few different Polaroid cameras (various 600 models and a few SX-70s) on hand for you to use with some Impossible Project ( film I will supply. I can show you tips and tricks to using this film, how it reacts in different lightning conditions and temperatures so you can get the best photo possible. You can see some examples here.

You will learn:

  • Instant film history
  • Various instant camera models available and what you can expect from each
  • How to load and operate an instant film camera
  • Tips and tricks to produce interesting instant photographs
If you have an instant camera you would like to know how to use or know more about you should plan on bringing it in.
  • Instant Photography for Beginners


    351 California St, Ste. 1450
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    Tue, September 4th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm PDT

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Christopher Berry

Front End Engineer at Flickr

I currently work for Flickr as a front end engineer, I help develop all the aspects of the site you see and how they function. I have always been into photography, taking a few classes in high-school and college, but working at Flickr has definitely fanned that flame. I have a random assortment of 35mm, 120mm, and Polaroid cameras I have collected over the years that I shoot with currently. I also develop my own black and white film using a homemade developer called Caffenol, which is made with instant coffee, washing soda and vitamin c.

I mostly shoot on a Nike D80 SLR and a Pentax K1000 on Ilford PANF+ ISO 50 B+W film.

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