Impossibly Awesome: An Intro to Impossible Project Instant Film

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Dust off your old Polaroid camera and come learn about the new kids on the block: The Impossible Project. As the only company currently producing instant film for Polaroid cameras, their line of film carries a familiar tone and spontaneity, but glows with a deeper instant magic. San Francisco instant expert Jesse Freidin will show you how to get the best exposures, proper processing techniques, and go over the variety of film types available.

Please bring a Polaroid to this class (SX70/600 model, or Spectra/Image model).

Students: Please bring your preferred, functioning Polaroid camera. If you have any test shots with Impossible film, bring those as well. If you need help selecting or purchasing a Polaroid camera for the class, please feel free to email me personally at: [email protected] Please bring ONE PACK of Impossible Project instant film to class that works with your camera. We will have Impossible film for you to buy as well, if needed. To buy Impossible film locally, please visit: Photoworks SF (2077 Market St, San Francisco)
  • Impossibly Awesome: An Intro to Impossible Project Instant Film

    Ets Hokin Studio

    2014 Oakdale Ave
    San Francisco, CA

    Mon, August 20th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm PDT

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Jesse Freidin


Jesse Freidin is an award-winning analog photographer, with work in over 70 private collections world wide. His studio is dedicated 100% to analog and instant photography. 

Jesse has been testing and using Impossible Films since their introduction on the market. He works closely with The Impossible Project to teach and support their revolutionary new instant films, and supplies example images for their publications and website. 

His work has been featured by: Vogue, Cosmopolitan, MTV, Live! with Regis and Kelly, Everyday with Raechel Ray, Modern Dog Magazine, The London Times, The Sundance Channel, Daily Candy, and many more. 

He has won multiple awards for his fine art dog photography and portraiture:

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    Ets Hokin Studio

    2014 Oakdale Ave

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