How To Be Awesome at Product Photography

, Photographer at Photojojo

Come ready to learn how to take amazing photos, plus learn the essentials to studio lighting.

We will cover:

- how to light a product and make it pop
- the best angles and key components your product wants you to photograph it at (yeup, even the product has its good and bad angle!)
- and lastly, what kind of gear you'll want to get the job done

Please come with a pen and paper for those notez you'll want to take, and basic DSLR knowledge.

Once we're done, you'll be on your way to photographing products like there's no tomorrow.

Lighting is key to getting good photos.  I want you to leave this class confident in working with light!

  • How To Be Awesome at Product Photography


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Kim Thomas

Photographer at Photojojo

Hey there! I'm Kim Thomas, previously the lead product photographer at Photojojo.

I'm entirely self taught and crazy about photography. I'm constantly finding ways to push my photography to the next level and learn more about this beautiful art. For me, photography is a gift, a present, something I think everyone should have access to. I love being able to share the knowledge I learn with others in hopes for photography to fulfill them the way it has me.

I'm all over the interwebz, so come find me!
Instagram & Twitter: @kimathomas
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