Fundamentals of Photography

, Photographer | Harvard Teaching Fellow | Romotive

Is your camera always set on AUTO? Did you just get a DSLR and wonder what all the buttons and switches do? Are you constantly frustrated by blurry and dim photographs? Your camera is a tool for you to express yourself, and it shouldn't slow you down.

This class will teach you the fundamental elements of exposure and orient you with semi-automatic and fully manual controls of your camera. By the end of the class, all the buttons and settings on a camera should be an extension of your vision, and help you enhance your photographs. If time permits, we will also discuss advanced exposure adjustment techniques.

In addition, we will discuss composition, and when to break the aforementioned rules to get stunning results. It will be an accelerated, condensed version of the Harvard class CSE7: Exposing Digital Photography.

We will be engaged in hands-on practicals, so please bring a digital camera with manual controls if you have one. It does not have to be a DSLR.

You will be expected to take advantage of your newly developed skills, and the ticket price includes feedback of photographs you take post-class.

If you are interested in camera technology, Upgrading your Camera is taught in the same room right before this class.

  • Fundamentals of Photography


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Kane Hsieh

Photographer | Harvard Teaching Fellow | Romotive

I have worked as a Digital Imaging Tech at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and I am currently the department photographer for Harvard Molecular and Cellular Biology and a Teaching Fellow for Harvard's Exposing Digital Photography class.

My personal photographs can be found at one/sixtieth

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