Field Guide IV: Studio & Lighting (2 days)


"Light glorifies everything. It transforms and ennobles the most commonplace and ordinary subjects. The object is nothing, light is everything"

- Leonard Misone

2-day workshop (MON/WED or TUE/THU). 

NOTE: Most of the students sign up through our website but we reserve 4 spots for Skillshare students

The Studio is a place of infinite possibility, once you learn how to use studio lights to achieve the look you want.

This two-part Field Guide is perfect for photographers who need an introduction to lighting indoors for product shots, portraits or high-end fashion. In two evenings, you'll learn the basic principles of lighting using daylight-balanced strobes, hotlights (tungsten), softboxes, and how they all work together. Emphasis is on both technical concepts and creative control, helping you become more comfortable and confident with external lights.

Session 1 will focus on a "guerilla" style of lighting, using inexpensive and readily-available tungsten lamps and reflectors to shoot still lifes and tabletop images. An excellent primer for designers and photographers who want to learn how to shoot static objects without blowing a huge budget on sophisticated equipment, this session covers the basics of key and fill lighting, as well as controlling reflections from shiny objects and using white balance to control color.

Session 2 provides students with an opportunity to learn and shoot with professional strobe lights in a portrait environment. Instruction will cover classic lighting techniques, as well as some creative possibilities with which to explore studio lighting, as well as time for experimentation.

  • Field Guide IV: Studio & Lighting (2 days)


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Charles Lavoie is BkC's top photo instructor. Having specialized in editorial, architectural, and product photography, he has also been a photography instructor, teacher and tutor to over 1000 students in the New York City area since 2006.

Charles received his BFA from Detroit’s College For Creative Studies in 2004 and has been steadily shooting ever since - landscapes, portraits, street photography, still life - a true shutterbug who is happiest whenever he has a camera in his hands. At the heart of both his teaching and shooting is the core belief that photography is truly half art and half science; technical control is nothing without artistic ability and vice-versa.

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