Don't Fear the Flash!

, Photographer, Director of Photography

Do you hate the way your flash photos turn out?

Do you use direct flash and want to change your photography ways?

Do you have a hard time understanding how to expose correctly with your flash?

This hands-on course is for the amateur + emerging photographer who uses a flash unit but is uncertain about correct exposure, how to bounce the flash and how to create beautifully lit images with your flash.

The class will be part lecture and part practice both in my indoor studio space and outdoor space on the rooftop.

Please bring:

1) Your camera

2) Your flash unit

3) Notebook

4) Examples of your images taken with a flash (10 images please)


Must have a DSLR camera or film camera with hot shoe + separate flash unit such as a Canon 430ex flash, 580exii flash or a comparable flash from other brands.
  • Don't Fear the Flash!


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Catalina Kulczar-Marin

Photographer, Director of Photography

I was a disaster using the flash until I met Chuck, who became my photography mentor for 3 years back in Charlotte, NC.

He taught me a how to use my flash confindetly, expose images correctly and as a result, I've been creating beautiful, consistenly well-exposed and well-lit images.

I'm a full-time freelance photographer and my clients include musician, author and artist David Byrne, Donald Trump, Kevind Spacey, Time Warner, Magnolia Bakery, PSFK, among others.

You can see my work at

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