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Photography 4 is finally here. Photo I and Photo II made you comfortable and confident about using fundamental photography techniques. Photo III helped you understand the creative possibilities of Photography. Now it's time to put your potential at work to express yourself through your images and create a personal vision. 
Photo IV will guide you and provide the tools to output your personal statement, tell your story, your thoughts or your state of mind through your photography, whether it's for personal expression, advertising, social activism, comedy or any other purpose. Course will include the practicalities of the business of photography from copyrighting to publishing and more.$355-$399.

Requirements: a) Digital Photography 3 or equivalent experience. Students are expected to know well how to use their cameras including exposure, Depth of field, and lighting (part of our Photo 1 and Photo 2). Student must have already have an understanding of composition, color and lighting, and overall practice and study of composition (matching our Photo 3 course). 
a) Digital SLR or Point & shoot with Manual option (Aperture and Shutter speed). b) Students must know how to operate camera in full Manual Mode, (Aperture, shutter-speed, ISO, and meter).

  • Digital Photography IV (9-Sessions): Apr 21-Jun 16. Mondays 6:00 PM-8:00 PM


    51 West 14th St, #2R
    New York, NY

    (No class on 5/26/14). And Exhibit on 6/22/14, 6:30 PM-8:30 P
    Sat, October 20th, 2012

    1:30 pm - 4:30 pm EDT

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Photo Manhattan

Photography School

PhotoManhattan was established in 2003 in New York as a way of offering an affordable means of entry and advance into the world of art and photography. We are committed to the idea of photography as an accessible means of personal expression and artistic documentation. And considering the upfront costs inherent in photography (the purchase of equipment), there's no reason why essential instruction should be beyond the reach of those interested. 

To that effect, PhotoManhattan offers introductory and advanced photographic instruction to the public at rates that are only a fraction of those of larger institutes and schools in the area, as well as affordable rentals of darkroom and studio space and lights. Instruction in basic topics emphasises critical technique and control of the camera. You can worry about philosophizing on whether a picture reflects "beauty" or not another time. First things first. To those more advanced, PhotoManhattan has challenging courses in Studio Lighting and Street Photography that will make even experienced amateurs stop and think about exactly what they are trying to do when they hit the shutter.

Click here to see information about our talented staff. 

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51 West 14th St, #2R

New York, NY

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