Digital Photography I- 8&9 Sessions. $290-$315

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This photography course covers the fundamentals of your  digital DSLR or point and shoot camera and exposure both in automatic and manual mode as well as the basics of street photography. Classes will include night photography and motion blur, framing and focus control, built in flash, and the basics of digital post processing.

Weather permits, some sessions will be shooting workshop around Union Square, NYC, where students will practice shooting in real life scenarios. $275-$305. 

Available versions: 

9-Sessions: 18 hours- $305. Includes an Exhibit. 
8-Sessions: 16 hours- $285. Optional exhibit 
5-Session: 15 hours- $275. Optional exhibit 
4-sessions: 16 hours- $285. Optional exhibit All versions cover the same material. 

Limited to 15 Students. 

Requirements: Any digital camera. Manual Mode is highly recommended. For the first class, please try to bring your manual for reference. Note: Should the assigned instructor become suddenly unavailable, we'll allocate a subsitute instructor.

  • Digital Photography I (9-Sessions): Jun 03-Jul 22. Tuesdays 6:00 PM-8:00 PM.


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    And Exhibit on 7/26/14, 4:00 PM-6:00 PM

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Photo Manhattan

Photography School

Selected reviews

"Had a great experience in the 9 week class. Wonderful and accomplished teacher-Carla- and a syllabus that covered just enough but not too much. Highly recommend. Also a great value. I took a 1day course at ICP which was double the price of the 9 week course at photomanhattan and learned absolutely nothing!!! Take this course!" Jen D. Yelp. 7/14/13

"Great instructors and staff who are genuinely interested in helping you become a better photographer. I took the 9-week introductory digital photography course and could not be happier with it. In addition to in-depth lectures of the camera's capabilities, the instructors also devoted time to composition, effects, editing, and more. Also, since they offer a lot of courses, it was easy to take make-up classes with other groups when I couldn't make it to my scheduled one. I look forward to taking the next level class when my schedule allows." Jeni K. Yelp. 5/18/13

"So far I've taken two courses at Photomanhattan and have been more than pleased. The instructors were awesome! They were extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and true professionals in their field. The courses were very structured... " - L. Vazquez from NY. 2013
"excellent...the teacher is well-versed, helpful, patient, understanding and approachable specially when you are struggling in some key areas of the subject-matter. Thank you, Mecedes and thank you, Photomanhattan." - Carla M. from NY. 2013

About us
PhotoManhattan was established in 2003 in New York as a way of offering an affordable means of entry and advance into the world of art and photography. With over 10 years of experience we are an established New York photography school offering excellent digital and film photography courses, private classes and free seminars aswell as darkroom and photo studio rentals.

View more information on our school and instructors at our About page.


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