Advanced iPhone Photography and Instagram

, Photographer

Instagram offers you the opportunity to display your work to a potentially very large audience. In this class, we will talk about how to bring your Instagram stream to a higher level.

What You'll Take Away From The Class:

  1. How to make advanced edits using third party iPhone apps
  2. How to use self-timers, long exposures, tilt shift, etc.
  3. How to build your portfolio
  4. How to start a popular hashtag series
  5. The most effective ways to interact with your followers and other users
  6. How to make your photos more marketable
  7. How to develop an online persona
  8. How and where to make books and prints
 We will also have a photowalk (where exactly is TBD, but it will be great!) for the second half of the class.
You need an iPhone and an Instagram account. You should already be familiar with Instagram and its community, and feel that your photos can be taken to the next level.
  • Advanced iPhone Photography and Instagram


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Bex Finch


Through a 365 Days self-portrait project, I learned how to use my camera and how to photograph other people, and I became passionate about photography and confident with the idea that I am an artist. I would love to be able to share that with others. I have been working for three years on a project called The Sleepwalker, which involves self-portraits of myself and portraits of my father who has Alzheimer's disease. Self-portraiture is arguably the most important part of my photography as a whole. My fine art work -- primarily environmental portraiture and landscape -- uses film and digital photographs as well as Instagram, where I have over 165,000 followers. I lived in San Francisco for nearly 4 years, in that time doing graduate work in photography at San Francisco Art Institute. I was featured in a short documentary as a trendsetting artist in San Francisco. I now live and work in Brooklyn.

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