A Cheater's Guide to Photographic Composition

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Those of you who have taken my "how to use your dSLR like a Pro" class have asked about a composition course. It's finally here, or at least in pilot form.

Art schools will tell you that "teaching composition" constrains creativity and creates artificial and arbitrary constraints to making a good photograph. This is true - to a point. However most of us don't care to go to art school, aren't looking to push artistic boundaries and couldn't care less about the high-brow ramblings of an art teacher. So for you, the first statement above is meaningless and bull@#$%. You just want your damn vacation photos to look better.

In this class, I will teach you all the cheap tricks photo schools refuse to teach you regarding composition. There are some very basic concepts to keep in mind when composing a photograph and that's what we'll cover in class. Things like proportion, perspective, geometry, symmetry / asymmetry, lines, contrast, color, and balance all play a role, and often times the best photos combine elements of many of the above.

This class will be fiercely analytical and teach you the above concepts and how you can use them effectively. There will be very little discussion on exposure, gear and other technical aspects. For those of you interested in a basic overview of how to use your camera, take my other class .

Any camera (yes, this includes your iPhone) will do!
  • A Cheater's Guide to Photographic Composition


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Frank Wang


Frank Wang is a NYC based photographer, entrepreneur and coffee addict. His primary photographic specialties are portraiture, architecture, and avoiding paying $$$ for overpriced photo equipment. He is co-founder and partner at architectural and interior photography company Frame Photographics.

You can find Frank's portratraiture on his personal website, his architectural images at Frame Photographics and his travel and personal work on Instagram

About the Teaching Assistant:

Guido Gautsch is a professional educator and highly talented amateur photographer, musician, developer, beer-drinker, and soon-to-be father.  His photography can be found here and you can ping him on twitter.  Guido lives in Australia. 

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