Sound Check: The Essentials of DIY Audio Mixing

Young Guru, Grammy-Nominated, Legendary Audio Engineer

7 Videos (53m)
  • Organizing a Mix

    • Trailer

    • Organizing a Mix

  • Determining Levels

    • Determining Levels

  • Adding Effects

    • Adding Effects: EQ

    • Adding Effects: Reverb

    • Adding Effects: Compression

  • Completing the Mix: Tonal Balance

    • Tonal Balance


About This Class

More than all other mediums, we seem to regard music as the most personal and vital to our existence. As its influence and importance continues to swell in the way human beings interact, connect and celebrate living together, so too increases the importance of understanding the art of audio engineering. This is precisely why I have decided to venture into education and build this cl... Read More

Young Guru, Grammy-Nominated, Legendary Audio Engineer

Throughout his illustrious, decorated career, Gimel “Young Guru” Keaton has resoundingly earned his reputation as one of the most renowned recording and mixing engineers in music today , having worked with artists such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rick Ros... Read More