Your Audience Is Waiting: How to Build Your Blog's Unique Brand & Following

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This video will help you learn how to build your blog's brand, give you ideas for content, and most importantly, address the question of why you are blogging.
3 Videos (29m)
  • How to Build Your Blog's Brand

    • How to Build Your Blog's Brand


  • How to Market Your Blog and Build Your Audience

    • How to Build Your Audience and Market Your Blog


  • Class Wrap Up and Project Presentation

    • Project Explanation and Requirements


Class Project: Update or Create Your Blog's Homepage

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About This Class

I started off like you--a blogger with a dream and virtually no idea how to write a blog, much less make it successful. 3 years later, my blog,  6 Months to Live, ranks the highest in Google search results, attracts thousands of visitors, and has expanded into a Kickstarter-backed web show. This class will... Read More

Published on Tue, Apr 30th 2013