Your Audience Is Waiting: How to Build Your Blog's Unique Brand & Following

, International Blogger & Marketing Strategist

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About the Class

I started off like you--a blogger with a dream and virtually no idea how to write a blog, much less make it successful. 3 years later, my blog, 6 Months to Live, ranks the highest in Google search results, attracts thousands of visitors, and has expanded into a Kickstarter-backed web show.

This class will be an interactive workshop style class that will teach you the essentials of:

  • How to find, attract, and keep your ideal audience
  • How to leverage social media channels and other tricks to attract more readers
  • How to generate compelling content that keeps readers engaged and excited to return

Most importantly, this class will show you why your unique and authentic voice is essential and how to use it towards success in the blogging world! 

Prior to the class, I will ask for your current blog, so I can have a better idea of its content, audience, and potential for growth. Since this is an online class, we will not have time to go through each person’s blog, but I will select a few to go through during live office hours (with the permission of the student). 

I am incredibly passionate about the blogging community, and my mission is to help & empower as many people as possible share their voice, unique gifts, and connect with people from all over the world through blogging. Plus, I want to save you 3 years of figuring it all out! 

I look forward to this class and to building your blog's brand & audience with you!

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An existing blog or an idea for a blog

Level: Beginner

School: Marketing

Related Subjects: Entrepreneurship, Business

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About the Teacher

Jacqueline Boone

Jacqueline Boone

International Blogger & Marketing Strategist

Jacqueline Boone is the creator of the blog and web show, 6 Months to Live. Almost 3 years ago, she began her journey into the blogging world as a personal life experiment. Today, her ...

91% Positive Reviews

Eric Buergler

Eric Buergler

The information in this class made me view blog writing in a different way. It pointed out several aspects of how to make a blog successful that I never would have thought of. I now ...

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