Understanding Customer Behavior Gaps with Cohort Analysis

, VP, Client Optimization & Analytics at Sailthru

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Class Project

Execute a cohort analysis on your own business’ data

About the Class

Whether you're a co-founder hoping to convince investors to give you funds, an employee/operator who needs actionable data (and quickly!), or a finance buff who's looking to translate financial analytical chops to the startup world, this class is for you.

(Image Credit: Kareem Mayan)

You’ll use cohort analysis to dig into your customer data and learn more about your users than you ever thought possible - and better yet, understand the "why" behind your patterns of engagement.

Read about how my student Kareem Mayan used learnings from my local class to do just that: Kareem used cohort analysis to reduce his business' cancellation rates by 87.5% (and congrats to Kareem on making #1 in Hacker News with this post!).

You’’ll identify the specific trait you want to learn more about (i.e. activation, repeat usage) and I’ll provide the tools and formulas to help you gain deep insight into that behavior so you can design a strategy that amplifies the user behavior you want to see and discourages the trends you’d like to see less of.

Working through your own data, you’ll:

  • Identify what metrics matter most for the success of your company
  • Analyze the levers behind the trends you’re seeing
  • Find potential solutions for the problems you discover
  • Arrive at a recommendation for an effective marketing strategy based on your findings

*Note: if you don’t have data to pull, fear not! I’ve provided dummy data you can use to learn the relevant skills, too.

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About the Teacher

Cassie Lancellotti-Young

Cassie Lancellotti-Young

VP, Client Optimization & Analytics at Sailthru

Cassie Lancellotti-Young is VP Client Optimization & Analytics at Sailthru. Before joining Sailthru, where she works with top brands in e-commerce and publishing to improve the rel...