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By ·Founder. Speaker. Author.

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Class Project

Create a speaking platform that gets noticed

Most people in this world would rather swan dive into a swimming pool filled with hypodermic needles than speak in public. Why is that? Because public speaking is scary. That's why.

What most people don't realize though is that public speaking is one of the best ways, if not THE best way, to grow your business and create a world of new business opportunities.

Most people fear public speaking for a few reasons. First, they don’t know what to say. Second, they usually aren’t speaking in front of the right group of people, people who are genuinely interested in what they have to share and third, they aren’t sure how to deliver a brilliant speech.

In this class, students will learn how to uncover their core message, how to find an audience that wants to hear what they have to say, how to formulate a 5-star presentation and how to use speaking to build a business.

Students who complete this class will leave with a speaking platform, promotional marketing materials, templates for booking presentations and a clear action plan to start booking presentations immediately.

This class is perfect for anybody who is required to give presentations as part of their job description, entrepreneurs who want to grow their business, anybody who has thought about a career as a motivational speaker and anybody who never wants to choose between a public speech and a pool filled with needles.

Project Deliverables
By the end of this class students will have a speaking topic, marketing materials (either blog, page, speaker page on a company website or all of the above) and an action plan to start presenting immediately.


There are no prerequisites for this class however, a basic idea of a speaking topic will be useful.

Level: Beginner

Ryan Porter

Founder. Speaker. Author.

I am a TEDx speaker, a SXSWedu speaker, a lover of great Japanese food, a world traveler and the founder of -- a website dedicated to helping work-bound high school students find a career they love.

In 2004 I embarked on a quest to answer the question "what do I want to be when I grow up?"

The search for an answer prompted me to drop-out of college and head to Japan. I lived and worked in Tokyo for a year and realized that one question sucks. I slowly discovered that there's more than one question and there is a bunch of answers.

I returned to Canada and decided that I need to let young people know that they don't have to have all of the answers by the time they leave high school. I began traveling coast-to-coast in North America speaking to teens and educators. My program Make Your Own Lunch™ has been seen by hundreds of thousands of high school students.

My work with teens inspired me to write the book, "Make Your Own Lunch - How to Live an Epically Epic Life of Epicness" and more importantly start a media company dedicated to making products that change the way young people view their future and how educators help them prepare for it.

I use public speaking as a way to grow my business, make money, sell books and raise awareness of my startup. I typically spend upwards of 40 weeks of the year on the road, on stages across North America. To date, I've spoken to over 500,000 people and I still get nervous every time. 

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