Stop Sending Ineffective Emails: How to Write to Get Results

, Writer, Editor, Content Strategist

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Write an email that *gets you what you want*

About the Class

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Questions? Email me at JESSICA.ADAMIAK [at] GMAIL or tweet me at @JESSADAMIAK


“Jessica is a funny and engaging teacher. I wish I had taken this class many, many emails ago!” -- Jenn Shaw, Founder at NYTechWomen

Do you know how many emails you fire off in a typical day? Are you confident those emails say what you want them to?

Whether your goal is to entice a prospective investor or communicate a new strategy to your staff, you waste valuable time and risk not being taken seriously if you don’t understand the fundamentals of effective email communication.

This hands-on seminar empowers busy professionals to get what they want by writing better emails.


  • How to hook your reader so he or she reads your message -- and responds to it
  • The foolproof format you can use for every single email you write 
  • How to save hours of time by not “burying the lede”
  • The best hours of the day to send an email (yes, it's been studied!)
  • Three key questions to ask yourself before you hit “send”

Adopt these simple techniques, and you'll be able to quickly write clear and concise emails that project a professional image and get results.


  • Secret email sauce revealed! Sign up to get instance access to the class slides and pre-recorded lecture
  • Write (or edit) an important email based on what you learned
  • Watch the live Q+A session on Wednesday, April 17 at 7 EST


If you're chosen as one of this seminar's three most-improved writers, you'll get a shout-out during the Q+A and win a sheet of gold star stickers or a $50 American Express gift card. (Your choice.)


“Jessica is a great teacher! Her class was very helpful, informative and lots of fun... highly recommended!” -- Caitlin Quan

“Excellent class. Grabs your curiosity about an all too often dry topic. Loved how she engaged us on understanding whether we are looking to inform, inquire, or persuade.” --Jason Kende

“I really enjoyed this class and found it very helpful. Jessica was very effective in presenting the material and is simply the best at what she does. I would definitely sign up for part 2 or a follow-up workshop if offered in the future.” --Rebecca Lo

“Great instructor. Class is very lively and you end up with some very useful takeaways.” -- Alan Khanukaev

“Jessica clearly knows her stuff and provided some really insightful tips and actionable steps on effective emailing that are simple to apply. I left the class feeling a lot more confident about my future email outreach.” -- Holley Murchison

“I took this class thinking I already knew how to write an effective e-mail. Little did I know, I was wrong! I am a freelance photographer and have already noticed a higher response rate in my professional e-mails. I would recommend it to everyone!” -- Kelly Bazely

“Jess does a good job at taking a pretty blah subject and making it engaging.” -- Mallory Sustick


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Level: Beginner

School: Marketing

Related Subjects: Entrepreneurship

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About the Teacher

Jessica Adamiak

Jessica Adamiak

Writer, Editor, Content Strategist

Jess Adamiak empowers entrepreneurs to get what they want by teaching them to be better communicators.Since moving to New York City in 2007, Jess has written for thriving startups such...

74% Positive Reviews

Michelle Knittel

Michelle Knittel

Jess is an amazing teacher - I learned a ton! Would definitely take another class of hers.

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