Reaching the Startup Holy Grail: Product-Market Fit

Michael Karnjanaprakorn, CEO/Co-founder of Skillshare

1 Videos (46m)
  • Getting to Product/Market Fit

    • Reaching Product Market Fit


This class is no longer available.

About This Class

“If you have to ask if you have found it, you haven't. ” - Eric RiesReaching product-market fit is the holy grail of all startups. In fact, it’s the only thing that matters. According to Steve Blank, “the biggest cost to a startup is time, not money. Most startups fail not because the technology doesn’t work, but because they are creating the wrong product for the wrong ma... Read More

Michael Karnjanaprakorn, CEO/Co-founder of Skillshare

Michael is the CEO/co-founder of Skillshare, a global learning community for real-world skills and classes. Skillshare is a platform that allows anyone to teach online or in-person classes. Previously, Michael developed products and services that o... Read More