Making and Selling Ads That Get Shared: Social Advertising


Class Project

Build a social ad strategy that will win a big client

100% of class proceeds donated to non profit Project Tutor

Social is the new starting point, as discovery has moved from portals to search to social. Leading brands and agencies want to go beyond the banner to do content-driven social advertising.  

In this 4-week class, you’ll learn how to create and sell advertising campaigns built for the social web. Campaigns that are all about content that is meant to be shared, and ROI measurement keyed to engagements and sharing.

This course is for media planners, creative strategists, and digital media entrepreneurs working on a startup that will eventually receive ad revenue (or any ad-powered business, for that matter) that want to understand how digital advertising is developed and transacted on the post-banner social web.

As the President and Chief Operating Officer of BuzzFeed, I've had experience with a great many social advertising campaigns, and I’ll teach you everything I had to learn the hard way.  (BuzzFeed is the first true social news organization, reaching over 30 million monthly unique SuperSharers of content.  Leading brands like GE, Viacom, Pepsi, Ford, and Toyota all use the BuzzFeed platform to spread their branded content across the social web. )

You’ll learn the following about the social advertising lifecyle:

  • What shareable, branded content is and how to develop a campaign that ensures social lift
  • How the social advertising ecosystem is designed, from who the major holding companies are to how to work with media and creative agencies (yes there are 2 key types of agencies)
  • How to price your ads and negotiate business
  • The visual materials (slide decks and mock-ups) and spreadsheets required to respond to an RFP (request for proposal) from a brand or agency

This will be a hands-on class that you’ll leave having planned a social advertising campaign for an ad, from the pieces of content you’ll create to how to put a deck together and pitch that content to pricing to winning a piece of business.

Class Award

Lunch or Skype chat with Jon - pitch him your ideas, get his advice, make connections!

100% of class proceeds donated to Project Tutor

Project Tutor is a unique nonprofit organization dedicated to giving inner-city children access to enriching tutoring services. When a paid tutoring session is scheduled, Project Tutor donates an additional session to a child who would otherwise not have access to these services. (Like Tom's Shoes)

Level: Beginner

Jon Steinberg

Jon Steinberg is the President and Chief Operating Officer of BuzzFeed in NYC. He was previously an EIR at Polaris Ventures and part of the team that opened Dogpatch Labs NY. Before that, he was a Strategic Partner Development Manager on Google's SMB (Small Medium Business) Partnerships team. Prior to Google, Jon was the Director of Business Development at Majestic Research and the founder of iBuilding, a commercial real estate software company backed by Tishman Speyer Properties, Benchmark Capital, and 12 Entrepreneuring. He is a graduate of Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and holds an MBA from Columbia University.

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