Intro to Partnerships for Startups and Small Businesses

, partnerships + bizdev at skillshare.

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About the Class

Partnerships can be the solution to any number of challenges your company is facing, but first you'll need to know what your win-win partnership scenario is. What problem does a partnership solve for your business? What problems can you solve for a partner? How can you identify the leverage you have?

In this one week class we'll cover the when, who and what of partnering with brands or other organizations. Learn from my wins and mistakes! We'll go over some case studies from my experience working on partnerships at Meetup as well as some other industry examples.

Setting yourself up for a successful partnership boils down to understanding the win you provide partners and the win they provide you. You'll leave this class with a clear definiition of your win-win partnership scenario. 

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This class is for anyone curious about what considerations go in to forming the *right* partnership for your startup or small business.

Level: Beginner

School: Marketing

Related Subjects: Entrepreneurship

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Class Project

Outline a win-win partnership scenario

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About the Teacher

Abigail Besdin

Abigail Besdin

partnerships + bizdev at skillshare.

Previously worked on brand partnerships at Meetup, currently bringing the Partnership + BD magic at Skillshare. Other places I live on the internet include @avigee and

100% Positive Reviews

Pamela Bini

Pamela Bini


We haven't done the class but Abigail wrote me previously to advise me and send me the money back. Furthermore she wrote a very nice email.

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