How To Teach a Skillshare Class

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Class Project

Create your Skillshare Class Listing & Lesson Plan

This Hybrid class teaches students how to create and teach local classes. Currently, only U.S. residents may create local Skillshare classes. All are welcome to participate and learn, though.

To get an idea of the types of classes that get featured on Skillshare, check out this article here

Skills You’ll Learn

Learn how to turn your lifelong passion, geeky hobby or wealth of knowledge into a successful and engaging Skillshare class of your own. As the Head of Community at Skillshare I’ve taught over 415 students in NYC to date how to do just that.

With my guidance, you’ll leave this class with your Skillshare class listing posted...and ready to be featured on our Learn page for everyone to see - an honor not all classes receive. You'll also have a creative, hands-on lesson plan queued up to ensure your students have a great learning experience.

Your project - a featured class listing and complete lesson plan - will be done collaboratively. Expect to get and give plenty of feedback! You’ll share your progress with each other in the online Classroom, and you can expect members of the Skillshare Teacher Education team to hop in and help, too.


We’ll choose the best new classes to feature on the Skillshare Learn Page.

Time Commitment

Feel free to move at your own pace. I recommend setting aside 1 hour per week to successfully complete the class.


At Skillshare, we believe that anyone who's passionate about a topic or great at what they do can teach. This class is for anyone who's got knowledge to share. We’ll kick off your Skillshare teaching career right.

Level: Beginner

Danya Cheskis-Gold

Team & Community Builder

Spent 4 years on the Teach For America recruitment team working to eliminate educational inequity, now bringing the education revolution as the Skillshare Community Director. Has taught over 400 happy students on everything from how to teach a class to how to tell your story to the basics of community management and personally coached thousands of Skillshare teachers to success. Here for you!

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    • How does an online class work?

      Classes revolve around completing a project and collaborating with fellow students to give and get feedback on your work. Use Video Lessons and the Project Guide designed by your teacher to complete your class project.

    • Do teachers give project feedback?

      Teachers design and present all class content, but Skillshare is community based around student-to-student interaction. You'll be surprised at what you learn from your classmates!

    • When does a class end?

      Never! Once enrolled, you have lifetime access to class materials. That means you can learn when and where you want. Learn at your own pace.

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