Create a Compelling User Experience with Lean UX

, Design Lead, Lean Startup Machine

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About the Class

User Experience is everything. I've worked with clients both large and scrappy, and have seen countless good ideas flounder because the experience wasn’t executed to it’s fullest potential.

But how do you create a truly compelling experience? The secret is rigorous testing and validation with the right customers. Whether you're a developer, designer, product manager, sales, marketing, or startup founder, understanding the user’s experience provides a guide for every action you take.

In this class, you will learn the tools to systematically ideate, gather feedback, and iterate to an intuitive experience your customers will love. You will become a pro at turning customer insights into action, creating user journeys, and sketching wireframes quickly and effectively. 

Don’t waste months building a beautiful prototype when it’s not the experience your customers want in the first place.

Don't miss out. See what other students have said:

“This class blew my mind. It totally changed the work flow for our whole prototyping process. Lean UX is amazing and Grace passed on her knowledge in an engaging format. Her presentation showed a depth of knowledge on the topic of Lean UX. The class served as a great introduction to the high level concepts of Lean UX. I highly recommend that any startup entrepreneur take Grace's class!”

Adrian Cunanan

“Grace provided excellent, clear information about how to create a user experience that works *for the user*. There was great info on how to construct hypotheses and conduct UX testing in a way that would quickly get to the heart of the solution your customers need - which is critical to your product's success.”

Liane Allen

“great freaking job. i learned more in 3 weeks than i would have learned in a semester."

Jerry Mathurin

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Level: Beginner

School: Marketing

Related Subjects: Entrepreneurship

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Wireframe Your Product’s User Experience

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About the Teacher

Grace Ng

Grace Ng

Design Lead, Lean Startup Machine

Grace is Co-Founder and Design Lead at Lean Startup Machine, the world's leading bootcamp on Lean Startup methodology. Previously, she was a 2x startup founder and mobile UX designer a...

90% Positive Reviews

Jeremy Steinman

Jeremy Steinman

In this course you will specifically learn what LEAN UX is. Many people have heard this term, but this course defines it and then illustrates it in practical detail. Grace uses acces...

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