Crash Course in Digital Strategy

, Head of Communications Planning at BBH NY

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Class Project

Create a Digital Strategy for Netflix

About the Class

Digital Strategists are to the Advertising Industry what Walt Jr. is to the plot of Breaking Bad. You know they’re important but you have no idea why.

This course will take the air of mystery out of 'Digital Strategy'

The course is based on my real world learnings from running Digital Campaigns for Coca-Cola, glaceau vitamin water, Nestle, Boost Mobile, Fosters Beer, Dell Computers, Universal Music and many other top brands. I will fill you in on all the mistakes and wins that I have had along the way and how you can learn from them. I will also cover all the mistakes that I have made from creating Social Media Campaigns and make sure you do not do the same thing.

By the end of this class, you'll know how to come up with digital campaign ideas, sell them in to your clients (if relevant!), and implement them quickly.

Check out some of the great presentations from students who did this course last year;

Brandon Oliver - Social Media Strategy for Vastrm

Liane Siebenhaar - Digital Strategy for Playground Sessions 

Becca Taylor - Digital Strategy for Playground Sessions  



Whether you’re a recent grad who is an aspiring Digital Strategist, an Account Manager at an agency, or simply someone who wants to bulk up the digital portion of your portfolio, this class is for you. By the time you complete this class you will have created a folio-worthy piece of digital work which you can share with potential clients or employers. 


You’ll start from scratch - at the idea stage - and learn which tools to employ to build a creative media campaign. We’ll zero in, specifically, on social media, since it’s a current and important element of many digital media campaigns. You will take an idea and work out how it will exist in reality, figure out how to build it, and how to garner PR and media attention for the world to hear about. 

The course will cover the key skills necessary for a Digital Strategist, with a focus on social media:

  • Insights Mining
  • Communication Planning (incl. what social media channels to use)
  • Digital Media/Influencer Analysis
  • Goals/Measurement


We won’t just cover things you can read about in a book - this course makes you actually go out and create your first campaign. Digital Strategy is no longer about sitting back and pontificating about what you think is going to work, it is about getting your hands dirty and making stuff and learning from those experiences.

You'll learn from me in a combo of pre-recorded videos, online resources (lots of blog posts!), and a couple of livestreams along the way.

The most valuable part of the course in my opinion is when I can give you feedback on your work. I make sure to give feedback to everyone who completes the homework within 2 to 3 days.

Class Award

There are two rewards for this class - for students I will give you a one on one session for how to break into the industry and get a job as well as a LinkedIn Recommendation.

For people working in the industry - I will offer a lifeline for an upcoming project for you. For the following 3 months I will give you the opportunity to give me a Skype call to discuss your problem at hand as well as a LinkedIn Recommendation.

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Level: Beginner

School: Marketing

Related Subjects: Entrepreneurship

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About the Teacher

Julian Cole

Julian Cole

Head of Communications Planning at BBH NY

I am a Communication Strategy Director at the 2011 Webby Digital Agency of the YearBBH New York. I’ve led the Digital & Social Strategy for Coca-Cola, glaceau vitamin water, Rockst...

96% Positive Reviews

Nick Dalton

Nick Dalton

Really liked the course. Is it possible to leave the content available for longer? Or is possible to get a link with all of the slides and videos. I have found the material really usef...

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