Building Your Brand and Marketing From the Ground Up

By ·Skillshare Master Teacher

Class Project

Set your brand's foundations, strategy and guidelines

  • Why are some brands so well defined in their approach and connection with their audience?
  • Why are some brands masters at communicating to gain fans and supporters?
  • Why do some brands rock whatever social media channel they belong to?

The answer is powerful foundations.

It’s no accident that Zappos has incredible values and culture that drives all their decisions. World star athletes didn’t choose Red Bull, Red Bull chose them. Soulja Boy isn’t a millionaire and holder of one of the top viewed YouTube videos of all time by chance. Planned Parenthood doesn’t have trusted and die-hard advocates through luck.

And while some social media stars paid their way to massive followers, all your favorites gained your devotion with intention.

In this 5-week hybrid class, you will take on a series of important, powerful, and brand changing projects that will:

  • define the foundation of your brand’s identity
  • find its ideal audience
  • discover brand-building public relations activities
  • construct worthwhile social media strategy

Backed by inspiring and informative case studies, each leg of this project will guide you through the decisions and actions that will solidify your brand’s power.

 You're going to learn some of strategies that both small and brands use to achieve rapid success. 

What seems so effortless and magical, has been stripped down to its core essence and improved to help your brand grow at a lightning pace.

This course catalogs a series the most important stepping stones in brand development. By using a fine-tuned a methodology and structure, every new and existing brand taking part, can bolster their image and gain brand new communications skills to grow better than ever.

It’s been my goal to help at least 100 brands identify and meet their vision of success by 2013.

Let this hybrid course be your first step in being one of those 100.

Level: Beginner

Jeff Ramos

Skillshare Master Teacher

My name is Jeff Ramos and for most of my life, I’ve lived under the poverty line.

Over the past few years I've put in endless hustle and creative strategies to reinvent myself time and time again.

When I first moved to NYC, I literally had no money and no connections and used real-world networking to become a full time DJ in the world's most competitive city.

As social media flourished, I rode the wave and took my passion for blogging about the social impact of video games online.

A simple blog I had for three months took me from having a job and a part time hobby to a career writing about games and working with some of the world's leading NGOs, non-profits, educators, and game designers fusing my love for video games and social activism.

Now I'm obsessed with the passions, ideas, and projects of others and try to create as much content as I can to help everyone brings their ideas to life.

My story and hard work is a testament that no matter who you are and what you're given, you can create amazing things in this world that people will love or learn from.

I'm passionate and caring as hell. Just see what people have to say about how I teach.

After reading all that, aren't you curious about what we'll build together?

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