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, Head of Communications Planning at BBH NY

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Class Project

Write and present Playground Session's 2013 Digital Strategy

About the Class

Digital Strategist are to the Advertising Industry as Walt Jr. is to the plot of Breaking Bad. You know they are important but you have got no god damn idea why. 

This course will take the aire of mystery from the title, and arm you with the key skills and tools necessary to become a great Digital Strategist. However, we will have to stick out the end Season 5 to see if the Breaking Bad writers do us the same courtesy.

The three week online course will cover the four key skills necessary for a Digital Strategist - Insights Mining, Communication Planning, Digital Media/Influencer Analysis and KPIs/Measurement. You will take all these killer skills and apply them to your first client Skillshare. 

Whether you’re a recent grad who is an aspiring Digital Strategist, an Account Manager at an agency, or simply someone who wants to bulk up the digital portion of your portfolio, this class is for you. By the time you complete this class you will have created a folio-worthy piece of digital work which you can share with potential clients or employers. You’ll start from scratch - at the idea stage, and learn which tools to employ to build a creative media campaign. You will take an idea and work out how it will exist in reality, figure out how to build it, and how to garner PR and media attention for the world to hear about.

The first live cast will be on Monday October 8th at 7:00PM EDT, it will be recorded and there will be a version shared online if you miss the class.   

Class Award
The creator of the the best Digital Strategy for Playground Sessions will have the opportunity to present the strategy to CEO of Playground Sessions Chris Vance and have it implemented.

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Level: Beginner

School: Marketing

Related Subjects: Entrepreneurship

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About the Teacher

Julian Cole

Julian Cole

Head of Communications Planning at BBH NY

I am a Digital Strategy Director at the 2011 Webby Digital Agency of the Year BBH New York. I’ve led the Digital Strategy for Coca-Cola, glaceau vitamin water, Rockstar Games, Boost Mo...

98% Positive Reviews

Felipe Diaz-Arango

Felipe Diaz-Arango

Helpful, thorough, nice, goes out of his way for the class, and puts up great resources.

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