Workshop Your Class (before you charge people big monies!)

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Are you a new Skillshare teacher? Recently attended Skillshare's 'Class Design' workshop, but want more feedback before teaching for real? Are you an experienced teacher who wants more practice, or has suggestions for newbies?

Come brainstorm alongside your peers at this workshop held at Skillshare HQ! Run through your lesson plan, get ideas for class activities, teach part of your class, connect with fellow teachers!

This class will be small, so students will each have at least 30 minutes to teach their class and ask for feedback on class material-from content, to exercises, to lesson plans.

This class will be collaborative in nature, and will have a facilitator to organize groups and keep time, but no teacher.


1) Upload the pilot to your class prior to the workshop

2) Post the link to your class in the 'Comments' section at the bottom of this page

3) Review other students pilots before class so we can hit the ground running!

Please bring:

Any materials needed to teach your class to your peers... pen, paper, computer, tools (if you need to demo), lesson plans, etc.

Come get your teach on!

  • Workshop Your Class (before you charge people big monies!)


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April Wachtel

Wearer of many hats
I am a newly minted Skillshare teacher and student, with a history in Curriculum and Organizational Development. I also recently participated in a similar, successful teaching workshop, and wanted to share the experience with others!
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