Winning Negotiation

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This is a large-format of the class taught by the instructor modified for a larger audience.

Please contact the instructor directly if you are interested in more focused knowledge of the subject.


How do you use communication to your advantage? Find managing conflict difficult within your business? Feel unprepared for dealmaking?

This is an introductory class for Winning Negotiation in 3 steps. If you like this topic and need more indepth knowledge of Negotiation skills consider signing up for the full track of classes.

Winning Negotiation: People

People, not things, decide how a negotiation ends. Winning as a negotiator requires knowing how to read people and communicate your own positions.

In this class you will learn how to:
– Turn conflict into pay-dirt
– Get what you want by mastering your emotions – and theirs
– Find the hidden messages in what others say
– Decide what to say – and how to say it


The Winning Negotiations series will help you figure out why you get so stressed out about negotiating and how to get over it.

Fear of losing based on fear of the unknown causes the greatest anxiety for most negotiators. Fearful negotiating means negotiating from a position of lack (competitive bargaining), rather than a position of plenty (collaborating to solve a problem). Perception and skill are key!

This series helps participants to recognize the limitations in their own approaches to negotiating and gives them tools with which they can overcome their fear.

  • Winning Negotiation


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About the Instructor

Bathabile K.S. Mthombeni, J.D., is the Founder and Principal of Untangled Resolutions, a private mediation firm. She is a seasoned mediator, negotiator, educator and flourishing entrepreneur.


A cum laude graduate of Princeton University who earned her law degree from Columbia University, Ms. Mthombeni is a dynamic and gifted speaker who has developed and presented numerous workshops, seminars and panel presentations at venues like Columbia University, Princeton University and the New York City Bar Association.

She currently hosts her own weekly radio show called “The Problem is the Answer”.

Ms. Mthombeni is the former Associate University Ombuds Officer for Columbia University and has taught in the Columbia University School of Continuing Education’s Master of Science Program on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.

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