Wine Tasting Workshop: How to work remotely from Buenos Aires

Within the first 3 pages of the book “The 4-Hour Workweek,” Tim Ferriss describes the rush he felt as he went on stage for the Tango World Championships in Buenos Aires. By the end of the book, when he described working there remotely by day, then eating perfectly grilled Argentinian beef paired with amazing bottles of Malbec wine, I was hooked. I had to do that some day. And I did.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a freelancer that is able to work from anywhere, or just looking for an amazing vacation somewhere warm, it’s tough to top Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In this class you will:

- Drink South American Malbec wine
- Eat appropriately paired cheese (sorry, no grilled ribeye steaks)
- Meet other cool people that want to work remotely
- Learn everything you need to know about pulling this off, from someone that has done it within the past 45 days
- Receive a link to a full-color eBook with all the details you’ve learned

Questions I will answer
- Where is Buenos Aires?
- What’s the weather there like right now?
- What airline do I fly? To what airport? Then what?
- What about Passports? Fees? Cash? ATMs? Credit Cards?
- Is Buenos Aires SAFE?
- What neighborhood should I stay in?
- What hotel do I stay at? What about apartment rentals?
- Where is a good co-working space to use as home base?
- What are good cafes to work from?
- How much Spanish do I need to know?

- Should I bring my laptop?
- How is Wi-Fi access in BA?
- What kind of chargers and power converters do I need?
- Will my cell phone work there? What settings do I need to know to keep from getting hit with huge roaming fees? Should I buy a pre-paid phone?
- Will Skype work from BA?
- How can I make money while I am there?

- Where can I take Tango lessons?
- What are the best restaurants to dine in?
- Where are the best clubs?
- What touristy things are must-see?

Listen, I’ll be perfectly honest… could you get a $10 bottle of wine, a $10 Lonely Planet Guide, and spend 10 hours doing all this research yourself to get this information? Of course. But for the same price you can get out of your apartment, hear it from someone first-hand, get to ask questions, and share a glass with some cool people. Fanastico.

  • Wine Tasting Workshop: How to work remotely from Buenos Aires


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