What to Wear: Internet-Makers + Creatives

This question was recently posted on Quora, the startup world's favorite question and answer site: What can a man wear in Silicon Valley business circles to be impeccably dressed without being overly formal? Marisa Zupan of The Sig Other and Svpply.com, answers this question for entrepreneurs, creatives, and internet-makers in her Skillshare class.

If you're already shopping at Epaulet, wearing Wolverine 1000 Miles, and stalking Gilt Man for LBM unconstructed blazers, this isn't the class for you (although you're welcome to attend for the fun of it). If you have no idea what any of the things in the previous sentence mean, but you want to look sharp and feel comfortable at work, whether you're doing wireframes or meeting with prospective investors, this session is all yours.

In this class, you'll learn:

why (the right) backpacks are a-ok

how three pairs of shoes can go a really long way

why you only need one blazer

how to graduate from (just) t-shirts

the Rule of Four Layers

whether or not a tie is for you

  • What to Wear: Internet-Makers + Creatives


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Marisa Zupan-Ciccone

Marisa Zupan was born into an Italian family of tailors who instilled in her the virtues of style from a young age. She briefly flirted with an interest in women's haute couture, constructing her own flighty ensembles in college, but soon discovered her true love was for menswear as it embodied the tenets of craft she was taught: purpose, quality, and creativity. Today, she puts those to work as a men's style blogger, digital consultant, and Communities Director at Svpply.com.
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