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Ready to build your website? This 3 part "for beginners" intensive course will demystify the world of web and break down complex subjects into digestible chunks understandable to a novice. You'll create a basic webpage. Navigate and setup WordPress and walk away with a basic site. *Bonus* You'll also get a 20+ page HTML/CSS cheatsheet for use when building a page.

Who should take this class?

There are two types of student who will benefit from this class. 

Creative Professsionals: Graphic designers, photographers, design/graphic professional etc. Are you in a creative field and your clients, customers, employers keep assuming that you know how to build a website? Does the sight of code scare you? Then this class is for you. 

Non-technical partners: Small business owners, gallery owners, studio managers etc. Have you contracted out your website in the past but were unhappy with the results? Didn't understand what the developer was talking about? Need to ensure you aren't getting taken advantage of when getting a quote for a website? Need to find your technical cofounder for your awesome Startup idea? Then this class is for you. 

You should have a basic need for knowing web concepts, in that you have heard words like FTP, HTML, CSS, or WordPress but don't know what they are or how they fit together. If you have never heard these terms you may want to look them up before class
  • Website Bootcamp Lesson Three: Lab


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    In this 90 minute discussion we’ll recap the last few classes and discuss ways to use the skills gained to build a site. We’ll have an open ended Q & A  for any additional questions that weren’t covered in the first 2 lessons. The study session format allows for interaction with other students at your level as well as an opportunity to tackle personal questions about your website.

    Light refreshments will be provided and students can celebrate their accomplishments.


    Coming Soon...

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