Train Your Brain - Learn Hypnosis+NLP

This is a hands-on class for those interested learning hypnosis, trance and other transformational skills to help themselves or others.

Achieve Your Goals or Help Others Achieve Their Goals.

Imagine "YOU":

  • Thinner
  • More confident
  • Less stressed
  • Better focused
  • Achieving your goals
  • Enjoying your life

How do you look and feel?

How do you see life diferently?

What are others sayign about you?

What are you saying to yourself?

If you felt, heard or caught a glimmer of these possibilities, you went into a moment of trance quickly, easily and effortlessly. That means these tools can work for you.

If you've got a desire to make that vision a reality, to attain the life, the body and g you want, then you can start to learn these skills now.

Have you ever heard, read about or seen someone being hypnotized? Would you like to learn some of those skills?  Are you interested in how to stop running the same old patterns of thought and behavior, and synchronize your conscious and unconscious? These skills are natural, easy and organic to learn.

Are you curious if you can be hypnotized? Would you would like to safely experience trance?

If you want to see, hear and feel new ways to change your relationship, beliefs and habits come, join us and learn how hypnosis+NLP can help you.  Learn the skills and experience hypnosis+NLP for yourself.

If you like please bring a particular problem, belief or habit you would like to change and we'll explore ho hypnosis+NLP might help


Mostly this is a hands-on class where you will experience how to:

* easily and effortlessly hypnotize yourself
* get rid of negative messages you tell yourself
* go deeper into relaxation then you've ever been before
* eliminate or reduce cravings, habits or beliefs
* enjoy better health
* change limiting blocks that have prevented you from reaching your goals
* build amazing positive and resilient states of calm, confidence, happiness and more


* the history of hypnosis & NLP*
* the myths & benefits of hypnosis & NLP
* the signs of trance
* the neurology of breaking old habits and creating new habits
* the master pattern for most changework
* how to take hold of frames, set the context and story
* the power of metaphors
* the use of small shifts in your or others experience to create massive change

Live -This event include cutting edge ideas and techniques and real world examples to help you let go of frustration and tension, and to create better balance between work and home. You will see live demonstrations, gain hands-on skills and practice everything you've learned. You'll gain a basic introduction to Hypnosis, NLP and other modalities that create easy and lasting change. And you'll have an interactive conversation and lessons about how these methodologies can benefit and improve your ability to change and become a better, more productive you.

In Control - Experience that your mind and body are always in control during hypnosis and trance. You are always aware of what happens around you. And no one can make you do anything you wouldn’t ordinarily do on your own accord or that violates your values. All exercises and trance experiences are optional and voluntary.

With Quality -This workshop is your best opportunity to work with an experienced hypnotist and get a taste of how hypnosis and other tools for personal change will help you achieve your goals. This will be absolutely the most least expensive and highest quality opportunity to learn how these skills can improve and benefit your life.

Visit my website to learn about the Myths and Benefits of Hypnosis & NLP as well as answers to Frequently Asked Questions

*NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is often called the study of subjective reality, how each individual uniquely experiences, processes and communicates with the world around them.  Once an individual's patterns are modeled, he tools of NLP are highly effective in creating change.

There are no prerequisites required. No experience is needed, only a desire to learn.
  • Train Your Brain - Learn Hypnosis+NLP

    TRS Studios

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    New York, NY

    Our main focus is to give you the actual experience of a number of different processes, so you can do them for yourself or for others. In addition, you will gain an understanding of the big picture as well as the details, so you will be able to improve and expand upon what you learn in class.

    We'll start with a short set of intros, so we get acquainted, and so the class exercises can be better tailored to help you begin to reach the goals that brought you to this program. Then have a brief review of the history, myths & benefits of hypnosis and NLP. We'll talk about the signs of trance and then jump right in with a basic self-hypnosis exercise. We'll talk about goal setting, and have exercises in the somatic (body-centered) cues for what you are like when you are most resourceful and for how to get rid of negative messages that are sabotaging you.

    We'll also explore how small shifts in your experience can create big changes. You'll do some related exercises to help eliminate or reduce cravings, breakthrough blocks, and allow you to enjoy better health and more. We'll look at the larger picture of frames, stories and metaphors. We'll also do an exercise in creating some amazing states for yourself. You'll walk your timeline into your healthy, fun and fulfilling future. And we'll wrap up with a Q&A session to make sure all your questions are answered so you can continue to use these tools effectively in your life.

    Thu, November 14th, 2013

    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

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