The Wisdom of Love

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“A great class that provides practical tools to cultivate love, beginning with love for ourselves and then spreading to the world around us. It is helping me be more self-reflective and proactive at the same time as gaining a deeper appreciation for all the beautiful moments in life. Lorenz suggests some ways which can help propel us to reach our full potential in this life.” - Natasha

What do Ghandi, John Lennon, Jesus Christ, and Bob Marley have in common?  They all emphasize love as being the foundation of life.  Are they talking intimate love or did romance somehow hijack the true nature of love?  Everybody sings about it, talks about it, and writes about it - but what does love really mean and how can it help you live a better life?

Love is common to every human being.  Each of us desires to be loved and has the capacity to love others.  As a philosophy, love offers a framework with which to evaluate almost any decision in life.  This philosophy requires no handbook or expert's opinion - it is embedded in the heart of every human being.  Its practice has the power to change the relationship we have with ourselves, each other, and the planet.

The question is, what does love really mean and how can it be applied to everyday living?

If you aspire to unlock your full potential and want a deeper relationship with your own humanity, then this class might help.  In this workshop we'll explore the practical side of love and how to cultivate more of it.  We'll examine various concepts such as

  •      personal dignity
  •      conscious action
  •      mindfulness
  •      understanding ego
  •      being present
  •      living a meaningful life
  •      being the best you can be
  •      serving others

This is a practical class that will give you a broad understanding of a very simple philosophy that you can begin to explore on your own.  You'll walk away with a foundation that will help you live a happier and more peaceful life.

  • The Wisdom of Love


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Lorenz Sell

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I am a human being living on Earth.  Some would say that's obvious - I just like to remind people that we all are.  Peace resides in the heart of every person on this planet and starts with love.

I'm the founder of - an e-commerce community powered by love.  I've done start ups my whole life and found that the best compass I have is my heart.

I've spent years studying the art and science of personal achievement.  This material condenses everything I've learned into a simple philosophy to help you get the most out of life.

Thank you.

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