The Science of Stress Management

, Health and Wellness Coordinator

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Stress is a silent killer, a smooth criminal. It manifests problems in every system in the body, including your brain. Understanding stress will help you manage stress better in your own life. 

How much would you say stress affects you? Rate your stress level, here. Let's work to lower your stress level first through awareness and then through action. 

In the first part of the class, we'll discuss:

  • Biochemistry of Stress
  • Physical Reactions to Stress
  • Good Stress vs. Bad Stress
  • Stress Triggers
Then, we'll introduce some ways to manage stress:
  • Exercise Does the Body Good
  • Relaxation Responses
  • Getting Your Zen On
When you leave the class you will understand the role stress plays in your body and your life. You will have an immediately actionable plan for dealing with stress as it comes your way. Take THAT stress!
  • The Science of Stress Management


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Sara Sigel

Health and Wellness Coordinator

Just because I got 'Most Laid Back' in high school doesn't mean I didn't meet a world of stress come college and all of the major life events it brings. After classes like Death Education and Stress Management, I turned to books and lectures to learn more. Now, my friends and family come to me to ask about stress and conflict management. Fighting stress is also an integral part of my work in health and wellness programming where I coordinate events with mind / body and stress experts.  

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