The Geek Gets The Girl - Making Great Conversation

, Thought Alchemist

You've made your opening line and forayed into small talk, now it's time to take the conversation to the next level.  Here's how to drop into a deeper level of conversation without going too far. 

You'll Learn:

  • What to talk about
  • What NOT to talk about
  • How to know how far is too far (reading the signals she's sending)
  • The fine balance between talking and listening
  • How to make a positive impression by showing an interest in her perspective
  • How to recover if you screw up
  • How to leave her wanting more

Join us for this detailed look into the mind of women and how to make the connection last. 

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Testimionials from Previous Attendees

"Fantastic. Carolyn and Kelle really know their stuff."


"This is the first meetup I've attended for the group. You have two smart women telling you quite openly how women think and what they look for - very useful. They offer insightful comments about attendess who ask for this, and Kelle demo'd with me how to be and appear more approachable and open to conversation. Very helpful!"

- Matthew

  • The Geek Gets The Girl - Making Great Conversation


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Kelle Sparta

Thought Alchemist

Kelle Sparta - People Engineer - Relationship Specialist

Why should you listen to me?  First, because I'm a geek too.  I speak geek - I understand how the engineer brain works and I can translate all that dating gobbledy-gook that you've heard over the years into hardcore, factual language that you will understand and be able to implement immediately.  Second, because I'm a relationship specialist.  I've been studying relationships my entire life - through psychology, body language, Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, organizational dynamics, group dynamics, interpersonal communications, languaging, tonality, personal growth and even energy and body-oriented techniques.  When you work with me, you've got 30 years of study on your side.

Caroyln Kepes - Alexander Technique, Men's Haberdasher, Expert on Women

Carolyn is perfect at being able to help you improve your outer self - how you dress, the way in which you come across, not only to women, but to potential employers and more.  She will help you to put your best foot forward in the arena of presentation.  She helps you take the mindsets that I offer and bring them into the world so that your interactions with women are at the top of your game.

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