The Art Of NYC Street Basketball

, Basketball Player/Coach/Trainer

When we are kids, we are taught the fundamentals of sports and how to play the "RIGHT WAY" but we are never taught the "COOL WAY".

In this class I will teach you the art of street basketball both the psychological and physical aspect. I will show you different strategies and tricks that are only learned in the streets of NYC that give players an edge over their opponents.

All you need to bring is your basketball gear (shorts, shirt and sneakers). If you just love to learn about basketball but don't play, you are more than welcome to come as well.

  • The Art Of NYC Street Basketball


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Armando Ciprian

Basketball Player/Coach/Trainer

- Assistant Coach of AAU Team Dream

- 2 years of training/mentoring experience

- 16 years of organized and street basketball playing experience

- Coached by ex-ABA basketball player Johnny Mathis

- Mentored by Hall-Of-Famer Nate "Tiny" Archibald

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