The 4-Month Success Bootcamp

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Books and lessons within themselves are of but little value; their real value lies not in their printed pages but in the possible action which they may arouse in the reader. Its value to you will depend entirely upon the extent to which it stimulates you to think and to act as you would not have done without its influence.-- Napoleon Hill

January 20 - May 5, 2014 (one session per week; 16 sessions; day of the week to be determined by enrolled students' schedule)

9-10pm ET

Google+ Hangouts

Course Description

 You do not need to live in Massachusetts to participate in this course!

This course will teach you how to apply the book's 15 success principles to your life to achieve your goals.

This intermediate-level course is based on a collection of manuscripts by Napoleon Hill called The Law of Success. Hill was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie in 1908 to spend the next 20 years researching and interviewing successful people of his day. He documented fifteen success lessons he learned from conducting over 3,000 interviews of successful people. Subsequent books such as Think and Grow Rich were based on these original manuscripts which eventually were published in 1928 as The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons. The book we’re using was published in 2011 and contains a reprint of these original 1925 manuscripts. This is a 4-month, blended learning course consisting of individual self-study and a weekly instructor-led online session. Since we don’t actually meet in person, you can live just about anywhere to participate (we meet online weekly; see below).

Participants in a book club/study group that I started in the fall of 2011 read this book. Everyone loved reading it and said it was the best success book that they've read. Despite being written over 85 years ago its teachings are timeless and still very pertinent even today. This course represents the best of what we did (and learned) during our study group and is now offered exclusively through Skillshare.

Course Goals

  • To finish the book by reading one chapter every week
  • To communicate and share insights on what we learn
  • To continually apply the book's teachings to your life, track/report results and experience positive change

Student Expectations

  • Read the book per our course schedule (~ 1 hr/wk)
  • Take notes and/or maintain a journal (~ 15 - 30 min/wk)
  • Participate during our weekly Google+ video call (~ 1 hr/wk)
  • Participate in our online forum (~ 15 - 30 min/wk)
  • Perform the action items suggested by the author (~ 15 - 30 min/wk)
  • Apply the book’s teachings to your life (varies)
  • Total time commitment: ~ 2.5 – 3.5 hours/week

 Course Materials

In addition, you’ll be responsible for purchasing the book ($30) on your own. To participate during our Google+ video calls you’ll need to join the Google+ social networking site (free).

What You'll Get

  • 9-page syllabus showing what you need to do each week
  • 450 PowerPoint slides transcribed directly from the book's contents
  • 15-page document containing the key points from the PowerPoint slides
  • 9-page document containing all 45 of the author's action items from the book
  • 75-question pre- and post-course Success Profile Assessment
  • Additional PDF documents related to the material for further reference and study
  • Moderated Google+ video calls and an online forum (threaded discussions)
  • Audio transcripts (MP3s) of our weekly Google+ video calls
  • The collective wisdom of the ‘master mind’ from students’ contributions
  • Email reminders to help manage your schedule and participation


Course Outline

I. Lesson 1: Definite Purpose


  • Definite plans


  • Organized effort


  • Proficiency in chosen vocation

II. Lesson 2: Self-Confidence



  • Accurate self-analysis



  • Thoroughness



  • Knowledge of self



  • Courage


III. Lesson 3: Initiative and Leadership



  • Tactfulness



  • Sound judgment



  • Self-discipline



  • Knowledge of human nature



  • Positive attitude



  • Firmness of decision


IV. Lesson 4: Imagination



  • Optimism



  • Analysis and synthesis



  • Sense of proportions



  • Observation



  • Vision



  • Deductive and inductive reasoning


V. Lesson 5: Action



  • Sound judgment



  • Determination



  • Willingness to work hard



  • Unselfish ambition


VI. Lesson 6: Enthusiasm



  • Balance



  • Sound judgment



  • Health


VII. Lesson 7: Self-Control



  • Poise



  • Adaption to environment



  • Will-power



  • Patience



  • Coordination of effort


VIII. Lesson 8: Habit of Performing More Service Than Paid For



  • Willingness to serve



  • Generosity



  • Knowledge of cause and effect


IX. Lesson 9: Attractive Personality



  • Neatness in personal appearance



  • Health



  • Fluency of speech



  • Love for humanity



  • Tactfulness


X. Lesson 10: Accurate Thought



  • Observance of law and evidence



  • Analysis and synthesis



  • Willingness to recognize facts



  • Open-mindedness



  • Education: general, specialized


XI. Lesson 11: Concentration



  • Poise



  • Persistence



  • Meditation



  • Prayer (or affirmation)


XII. Lesson 12: Tolerance



  • Open-mindedness



  • Forbearance



  • Sense of justice



  • Thirst for truth


XIII. Lesson 13: Failure



  • Retrospective analysis



  • Introspective analysis



  • Comparison of men and events



  • Trained memory



  • Knowledge of evolutionary process



  • Knowledge of cause and effect


XIV. Lesson 14: Co-operation



  • Willingness to do team work



  • Knowledge of natural laws



  • Adaptation to environment



  • Knowledge of economics


XV. Lesson 15: The Golden Rule



  • Honest



  • Love for humanity



  • Willingness to forgive



  • Knowledge of natural laws



  • Recognition of interdependency of men



Student Testimonials

Thank you Eric for putting this together and allowing me to participate. It’s a great book and a great forum to share, discuss, and reinforce. – SB

Thx for including me on your book club. I am impressed about how diligent you are. – AJ

Thanks for putting this together. I realize it was a lot of commitment and time from you end and you did a terrific job. – KP

I liked how you kept us on track. Thanks again for all of the effort you put into it. – DG

I really appreciate all of the work you did…kudos to you! You added a whole ton of extra value. Thank you to you for organizing it. It was wonderful; definitely enjoyed it; got a lot out of it. – TN

Great price for a course in which the sky is literally the limit with regard to the value you get out of it. Lays the foundation for solidifying your direction, perspective or philosophy on success in life.” - KG

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Entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, instructor

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