The $25 Wine Class: Tasting the "Other" French Wines

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Most of us know about (or have at least heard of) Bordeaux and Burgundy, two of the most famous and highly rated wine regions in France and the world, but what about the other French wines? For our next installment of The $25 Wine Class, instructor Paul Brady will take you through some lesser-known wine regions in that behemoth of the wine world, France! The class will focus on three regions that are producing some of the most interesting wines around: the Loire Valley, the Languedoc-Roussillon, and the Rhone Valley.

Paul will discuss some of the events in France's long winemaking history that have given its wines their worldwide reputation and the unique characteristics of the wines of these three incredible wine regions. He’ll also talk you through tasting one wine from each of the three headlining regions.

  • The $25 Wine Class: Tasting the "Other" French Wines

    Brooklyn Winery

    213 N. 8th St.
    Brooklyn, NY

    Mon, January 9th, 2012

    8:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

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Brooklyn Winery

Learn about wine!

Paul Brady is a jazz guitarist with the group Hot Club of Detroit and joined the staff at Brooklyn Winery as a barback in April of last year. An "odd job," you ask? Far from it. Paul’s life of music and wine have co-existed since he was 18 and swept away by his parents to Paris, for his senior year of high school. There, his parents introduced him to the wines of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and the Rhone Valley. By the time he moved to NYC for grad school in Music History, Paul was obsessed with wine, so after working as an editor for music history textbooks, he started a music and wine blog, which eventually led to writing for Downbeat and Wine and Jazz Magazine. A stint through the Wine Spirit Education Trust program at New York's International Wine Center gave Paul the street cred he thought he needed to have a shot working front-of-house. So after buffing enough champagne flutes and maybe breaking a glass or five, the powers that be have allowed Paul to carry wine and food on a tray, and even to suggest wines—and food to go with said wines—to customers, and for our menu. He is thrilled to be teaching wine classes at Brooklyn Winery. Paul’s main interests remain the wines and historical vintages of France, but recently he has been inspired by wines from the rapidly up and coming AVAs of New York, Ontario, and his home state of Michigan.

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Brooklyn Winery

213 N. 8th St.

Brooklyn, NY

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