Teaching a Skillshare Class Is Super Easy

, Exec Dir / Boston World Partnerships

I'm the Special Ops person for Skillshare Boston. What that means is I'm your to-go person for any information related to and about Skillshare. I've been growing and learning with Skillshare in their expansion process and been learning a ton that I'd love to share with you! In this class, I'm going to correct any myths ("I need to have a Ph.D with a lot of teaching experience to teach a Skillshare class" or "I only do this out of the goodness of my heart and cannot charge anyone anything") and clarify confusion ("do I need to teach for the full hour?" or "do I submit a pilot class or a real class?"). I'm also going to share with you some amazing resources that Skillshare HQ has produced that you should all watch, read and share. Then I'll share with you resources I've built up in Boston that will make the teaching and posting process way easy for you!
  • Teaching a Skillshare Class Is Super Easy


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Yoon Lee

Exec Dir / Boston World Partnerships
Yoon has been working tirelessly to bring Skillshare to Boston for the last few months. She MC'ed the last Skillshare Show & Tell, talked to countless people about Skillshare, helped some of them post their classes, and has been in close contact with Skillshare HQ and other Special Ops to gather best practices ideas and solutions. At this point, not too many questions will phase her.
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