Story of My Life: How to Craft a Killer Resume

, Director of Communications, public sector

Imagine you are a hiring manager, receiving hundreds of resumes a day. Which resume would you remember? The one that says...

  • Helped others improve their resumes

or the one that says...

  • Inspired hundreds of young adults to tailor and refine their resumes by highlighting quantifiable information and accomplishments, leading to a 30% increase in response rates from potential employers.

Contrary to the title of this class, a resume isn't meant to be the story of your life. It's also not meant to get you a job. A resume is what gets you an interview.

By adding details and identifying accomplishments instead of listing day-to-day tasks, its easy to turn a lackluster resume into one that employers can't ignore.

In this class, you'll:

  • learn how to make your resume powerful and compelling to potential employers.
  • use case studies and small group work to help you maximize what you can convey in a single-spaced, one-page document.
  • practice tailoring your resume for different fields, and even different positions.

Even if you are confident with your resume, a few fresh eyes never hurt--we'll also be doing partner and group work to make sure you get feedback and insight from a variety of perspectives.

Whether you are a recent college graduate trying to land your first job or a young professional with a few years of experience but looking to make a career move, this class is for you.

What you'll need to make the most of this class:

  • A printed copy of your resume
  • A printed copy of the job description for your dream job
  • A pencil or pen to scribble all over your resume

What you'll come away with:

  • Resume best practices from industry experts, collected and boiled down--so you can quit searching the internet about how to how to improve your resume and actually do it
  • Revised bullet points that highlight your most important professional accomplishments
  • Examples of well-formatted and effective resumes to emulate
  • A few new contacts who might be able to help you in your job search!
To fully participate in the class, you should have at least a rough draft of a resume and a sense of what type of position or opportunity you are pursuing.
  • Story of My Life: How to Craft a Killer Resume

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Miranda Bogen

Director of Communications, public sector

I graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from UCLA five years ago and am now the Director of Communications for a government-sponsored study abroad marketing company. I frequently facilitate workshops and discussions on how to translate international experience for resumes, and oversee an international career development workshop series for young professionals studying and interning abroad.

My insights come from several years of experience screening hundreds of resumes for entry level positions and fellowships, and seeing how quickly the mediocre ones make it to the garbage. As a young professional myself, seeing the hiring process from the other side of the table has been enlightening and has taught me things I wish I knew the last time I was applying for a job! So now I want to pass on the inside tips to you.

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