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, Professor G unravels the miseducation of adult

Waiting for permission is not the act of an adult. Waiting for the right moment to shine. Avoiding risks. Or hiding your light until it shines perfectly. That is what we learned as so-called adults to play it safe.

  • Learn practical tips to overcome your limitations with professors and in subjects that you think you are failing.
  • Learn how to get a recommendation and establish rapport even when you KNOW the professor or TA has no clue who you are.
  • Learn how to confront professors in a way that upgrades your pride and teaches them what students today really need -- trust and transparency.


Some students think I'm the Oracle (from The Matrix). I have worked with over 1000 students, spoken to groups of 300 to 2000 students in the U.S., Norway, and China, and I have some practical tips and some great stories to share about empowering students to transform higher education. No amount of curriculum change from the professors will change you.  It's time! Upgrade U!!

  • "She helped me find the courage inside to constantly throw myself out there and take risks! I cannot explain how absolutely amazing it feels. And she was the one to get me started!"  –– Mike Guerreri (2011)
  • "She has an entirely different, yet, peculiar teaching style. I was skeptical. But without a doubt, it works! It was absolutely striking how students raised their heads from the boredom, the sleep, and the frustration they have been accustomed to. To my eyes, I saw a work of art. –– Michael Thai (2010)

You can read more about what my students say they got in one of my courses on our Facebook wall at

Is your higher ed experience killing your spirit, your ability to stay awake, your passion for learning? This class is for emerging adults of any age! It will put your hands on the reins (or back on the reins) of your life as an emerging adult in any learning environment, esp. higher ed (not always a space for higher learning). If you are not experiencing being the consumer of your own productivity in your relationships with professors, with other students, and most important with your SELF, than you need to come learn what this class offers!
  • Upgrade U - Student-as-Adult vs. Student-as-Child


    Coming soon...

    Before you can UPGRADE, we must study and examine the social ecologies, life experiences and limitations you and the world around you (i.e., parents, teachers, and media signals, ideology) that causes emerging adults of any age to assume "their place" in the college classroom or their jobs as "student-as-child". 

    You will leave with 3 powerful thinking and acting tips to increase your influence in your ecology.

    • Being in communication
    • Requests/Offers
    • Counter-offers (you can negotiate anything)

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  • Upgrade Your Environment - Powerful Transactions for Influence


    Coming soon...

    In this workshop based on the initial study session, we will study and deliberately practice how to radically alter your relationships to your professors or bosses.

    Emerging adults ambitiously negotiating the shift from student-as-child to student-as-adult can:

    • Agitate themselves to speak more in class for greater participation.
    • Apply techniques (you will learn here) to not only think outside the box but take calculated risks with professors to earn respect and great recommendations.
    • Do work in any class that fulfills their passions vs. what's required by others.
    • Track and quantify their success (and failures).
    • Agree to be offended (not let their emotions make decisions and bring power to stressful encounters)

    This session is designed to increase your power and influence. Bring real life concerns to the conversation.


    Coming Soon...

  • Upgrade U - Speaking and Listening / Categories 1, 2, & 3


    Coming soon...

    In this session we practice ways to think outside your normal way of thoughting in doing your work, in relating to others, and in relating to yourself.

    We will practice:

    1. Three categories or a discourse of conversation that guides your speaking and listening
    2. Interrupting your usual thinking and stepping outside your comfort zone with others and your self
    3. Sorting the world with the SIX HATS method
    4. Learning to access your curiosity and free yourself from mental slavery
    5. Expanding how you listen to yourself and others

    Coming Soon...

Kyra Gaunt

Professor G unravels the miseducation of adult

Award-winning scholar, singer-songwriter, and master teacher has been associated with learning outside the classroom for a long time.

Dr. Kyra Gaunt, Ph.D. is committed to a world that does not divide into A and C or D students but empowers us all to be our greatest selves, to fulfill what truly matters and you and only you can Upgrade U for that purpose. In 2009, she was awarded a prestigious TED fellowship for her innovative pursuits. (see mini-documentary as TED Fellow)

Over 15 years of professing at University of Michigan, U.VA, NYU and Baruch College-CUNY, her commitment to a public education brought her to SkillShare as well as her former connection to The Feast where she presented a workshop called Racism as a Resource (for being Courageous and Compassionate). Her new-jack pedagogy will take you to another world of living, learning and thinking.

College and univerity tends to teach subjects not people. The social skills that emerging adults need today will empower them to own their own greatness and transact to be great citizens and great human beings NOW,  not after graduation or after getting "educated".

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