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Whether or not you are ever planning on going to a speed dating event, the skills that make one successful at speed dating, transfer over to meeting anyone in brief encounter. NYC is the land of fleeting meetings. It becomes very difficult to:

  1. determine who is worth your time, and
  2. create a connection with those who you definitely want to see again later.

Speed dating is based on the idea that you can truly evaluate someone's character within a few minutes of meeting them. In Malcolm Gladwell's best-seller, Blink, he mentions how having too much information about someone actually clouds your ability to judge. The problem is, most speed daters talk too much and communicate too little

It's not about trading facts. In 6 minutes, all you can really do is vibe. In this class, I will break down the face to face interaction and show you how to create a connection in just a few minutes.

You will learn:

  • Creating the Halo Effect: How to let the other person assume the best about you.
  • Non-Verbals: The other 90% of communication
  • Vibing: How to easily create humor and build rapport within 6 minutes.
  • Evaluation: How figure people out, so you don't end up on a date with a weirdo.
  • The Post Game: How to build off your initial interaction and set up a the first date.
  • Speed Dating Skills for Men: Seduce in 6 minutes

    House Bark Courtyard

    122 east 7th street (ring buzzer for #GFE)
    new york, NY

    Mon, August 6th, 2012

    7:15 pm - 8:45 pm EDT

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Writer and Coach on Orgasm and Flow
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    House Bark Courtya...

    122 east 7th street

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