So, Tell Me About Yourself: How to Craft & Share Your Story

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"So, tell me about yourself." Trick question! Don't wing it. Whether you're trying to flash your most colorful feathers and attract the best mate on dating sites via an online profile or your goal is to land that perfect-for-you job, you've gotta have a plan of action when it comes to sharing your narrative. In this class, you'll learn how to wrap up your story in a pretty, little package and be ready to present it in any context.

After rooting ourselves in 1. why this skill even matters (hint: it'll help you get what you any scenario!), we'll dive into 2. the principles of storytelling and interviewing (you'll identify what you want to be known for, what your goals are, and who your audience is), and, finally, you'll get the chance to 3. exhibit the qualities of a good story by pulling your thoughts together, practicing with the group, and walking away with actionable feedback.

CLASS PREP: 1. Please bring a recent version of your resume, online dating profile, job application, or any other self-summary of sorts that you'd like to edit/reinvent/etc. 2. Complete this Elevator Pitch Builder exercise designed by Harvard Business School and bring your results:

Check out this reflection on the class from one of my past students:

  • So, Tell Me About Yourself: How to Craft & Share Your Story

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Danya Cheskis-Gold

Team & Community Builder

Danya Cheskis-Gold is a community builder, networker, recruiter, & all-around scrappy go-getter.

For four years, she worked towards changing the face of education for kids in this country as a member of Teach For America’s recruitment team. During that time, she sought out, interviewed, and hired hundreds of teachers and staff members, so she can spot a stellar resume from miles away and knows how you should answer the question, "Tell me about a time when you worked on a challenging project and didn't succeed?"

Danya made her own crafty transition from the non-profit world to the tech sector by IDing her transferable skills, researching and devouring all tech-related resources, and telling everyone how passionate she was about the intersection of social impact and technology. A few months of hustle and logical, purposeful storytelling got her to where she is today...

Danya is currently the Skillshare Community Manager.

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