Shutup and eat: All you need to know about nutrition.

, Cofounder at PushProgress

You Hate Dieting, Yes?

Well so does the rest of america.
I'm teaching this class to explain the best practices of "converting to healthy side". See, I've been improving unhealthy habits for years and I've learned a lot about people. People make really outlandish decisions and I'm just starting to grasp why

Choice + Advertising + Anxiety = An Epidemic

The more choices available, the more probability to choose the wrong things. Couple that with today's inevitable anxiety and you have yourself an epidemic. 

My main goal for this class is - 

Keep It Simple.

You will learn - 

  • Nutritional timing.
  • Marconutrient breakdown.
  • How you got tricked into thinking the food on your plate is healthy.
  • Why "healthy" foods still make you fat.
  • Why "NOT" eating is just plan dumb. 

If you're not the nutrition King / Queen by the end of this class i'll eat my toungue.

  • Shutup and eat: All you need to know about nutrition.


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    Coming Soon...

Dustin Hayes

Cofounder at PushProgress
I believe everyone should be in control of thier own lives. Ill do everything I can to make that reality.

  • BS in Exercise Science.
  • ACE certified.
  • Manager @ Anytime Fitness
  • Trainer @ Blink Fitness NoHo
  • Founder @ PushProgress
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